Welcome to the Midline Meditations….

Thank you for arriving in this sacred (internet) space! This is intended to be a place of exchange and shared experience among those of us who are allowing Stillness to reside in our hearts and midline.

In spiritual and shamanic traditions we speak of each of us being “Luminous/Spiritual Beings residing in human bodies”, or that we are “spiritual beings having a human experience”. In these Midline Meditations, many of us are discovering what these concepts truly FEEL like in our own bodies. This is a “technology” that I feel truly assists in this embodiment.

Unlike many other wonderful meditation practices, this path is about coming back ‘Home’ to our own bodies, hearts and bellies: reinhabiting what many of us know to be this ‘last frontier’. How do we relax and settle into our own inner Stillness when the body has been such a source of wounding, pain and discomfort?

What many spiritual traditions have taught, and the foundation upon which Biodynamic Cranial work is based, is that the essential nature of our Being is Stillness. Our midline- the very pristine ‘primitive streak’ that appears out of nowhere when we are conceived- is a vibrating center of our innate core, which is Stillness. Dynamic Stillness.

This Stillness in the midline is in every biological form: leaf, mountain, human, jaguar. When we connect to this midline deep in the center of our Being, we truly come Home. Our group field enhances and accelerates this return, and I am grateful to all who come together to take this journey. From this place of  Presence, we remember our true nature, and we take this body-felt awareness out into the world with us, enhancing all of our relationships, work, play and creative endeavors.

I welcome you to join us in this journey.

~ by sandranwheeler on April 13, 2010.

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