Bringing the midline into everyday life….

Each  day brings a new awareness of how important this practice is in my everyday life, and how potent it is to have a circle of fellow travellers who are actively deepening their own inner Stillness. I am learning that this is not an esoteric pratice at all, but as I step out into the world with all of its challenges, demands, constant change (out of MY control!) I feel this growing sense of calm  inside of me: a place within me where I can return: Home. Rest. Allowing my nervous system to be the receptor, not the transmitter…trying to manage, judge and manage everything out there. Instead….resting in my midline, allowing Life to be as it is, engaging as I am called to engage, letting go when it’s time to let go, and yet being fully in my heart.

I am learning that our group field, and the Biodynamic training and practice over the last few years, is assisting not only the relaxing into the heart and belly/midline….but the presence of others really helps us all to stabilize this practice in a safe, sacred way. Certainly it is an enormous journey to release our identification from the head/brain/ego, dropping into the heart and body. The next step is stabilizing ourselves…getting comfortable in this new territory, and then speaking and living from this place!

The heart in its unshielded state is strong: it is the choreographer of our entire Being and all of its bodies. (see Heart Inspirations)It is the ultimate sensing mechanism, knowing what is healthy for us, what nourishes us, and what does not. We are all learning to trust this new Home, inside of us, in our midlines, with one another.

~ by sandranwheeler on April 13, 2010.

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