Health Benefits to Midline Meditations….

”How can something so subtle make any difference in my health??”

The Midline Meditations support us in relaxing into a deep state of neutral, a term used in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy to denote the state when the ‘busymind’/’hamster on the wheel’ cranial wave mental activity ceases, allowing the nervous system to relax and become areceptor, rather than a transmitter. This then allows Stillness to infuse our midlines (source of our innate Health and wisdom, our connection to Source).

As this unfolds, there are profound health benefits that are ignited: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Each of these aspects of ourselves are interwoven and reflections of one another, and any and all of those ‘bodies’ can become fixed and rigid!

Here is a description of this process, known as transmutation: turning one substance into another (like lead into gold)……

The Breath of Life Heals the Body

“The Breath of Life is 3.5 billion years old. It is the universal intelligence that has created all living organisms since the beginning of life on this planet. Certainly it can resolve a client’s inertia*(pain) without my help.

“Though it seems paradoxical, the power in the Breath of Life is why any treatment modality heals, regardless of its degree of invasiveness, whether it is surgery, drugs, nutrition, manipulation, bodywork, homeopathy, acupuncture, movement, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, spiritual healing, prayer, or meditation. However, the less invasive the treatment, the more potential there is for dynamic healing. If you can be present, and remain neutral, you may be granted the privilege to witness this miraculous process that is already built into our systems.” (Charles Ridley Stillness)

The process of transmutation…

The practitioner waits, immersed in the stillness of your heart, through resonance you will connect to the stillness that organizes the dysfunction or trauma in your client.

When these 2 stillnesses unite- fulcrum to fulcrum- the traumatized areas then become still, which quiets the destructive interference patterns in the client’s body.

Within this neutral (as it is called), stillness emanates from the client’s midline (core), and relaxes the contracted ground substance (see below) in her body (the protoplasm which is the building block of tissue)

Levity, which is inherent in stillness, creates buoyancy that expands space, slows time and disengages the dysfuntion created by the hardened body matrix (contracted areas)

At this point, the resonance of primary respiration and the Breath of Life (the field which created the body) synchronizes with the matrix, and turns it from a gel to a fluid that can freely flow with the motion of health.

The fluid motion of primary respiration carries the healthy information to the cells.

The cell’s membranes then receive this signal and instructs the cell to perform a particular function (let nutrition in, let it out, release a hormone or a neurotransmitter, etc)

The effect of stress on health……

When stress turns the ground substance**/liquid matrix to rigid gel, the corresponding ‘stuck’ motion alters the healthy signals sent by primary respiration, distorting the transfer of information to the cell: healthy tone is altered, and the cell membrane becomes confused by the disorganized signals.

To protect itself, the cell membrane closes its gates.

This response not only diminishes the cell’s perceptual capacities, but also creates dysfunctional cellular activity and distortion.

The effect of primary respiration on health…

When the ground substance gel returns to fluid (after the client neutral), the accurate transfer of healthy motion between the metabolic fields and the cell membrane is restored.

This enhances metabolic function, which in turn restores healthy function to the cells.

After functional balance is established, the cells physically change shape, and reorient themselves back to the source of the bioelectric field- the midline.

This places the cells back into direct contact with primary respiration, so they now express healthy fluid motion that does not repeat itself.

Increased cellular health also enhances the coherence of the heart field (the energetic center of our Being), and thereby improves its ability to orchestrate healthy function throughout the bodymind.

When dysfunctional motion becomes healthy motion, disintegration, disease and cell death return to organized wholeness- this is the power of transmutation.

Original healthy function, shape, and position of cells, organs and structures is restored. This will increase nutritive function, raise energy levels, promote mental clarity, strengthen immune function. Additionally, all systems of the body are brought into greater balance, including cardiovascular, nerve, hormonal, as well as increasing the coherence of the heart.

In biodynamics, as we rest in neutral and allow primary respiration to infuse the bodymind, we are allowing health to reestablish itself in stillness.

**Ground substance:

Around and between all cells is a liquid connective tissue ground substance that is the medium for permitting the vital functions of nutrition into and waste removal from the cells, and therefore promotes healthy immune, vascular, and neuro-hormonal function. The ground substance, or metabolic fields, behaves like a liquid crystal matrix through which your whole body communicates. Ground substance is remodeled within minutes when exposed to very weak signals of stress; even if only one infinitesimal part of a cell is subject to stress the entire cell acts as a coherent whole. Since each cell is coherent with all other cells, any change in one cell thus affects all the cells in the whole body.

Reference: Charles Ridley Stillness: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution ofConsciousness

~ by sandranwheeler on April 13, 2010.

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