It’s not all Bliss and Light on the Path of Stillness…

“I began to quiet down, and I noticed all of this anxiety in my stomach”

“My mind wouldn’t stop thinking about the argument I had this morning”

“I had to really work to not leave my body and to stay present during the meditation”

“What’s going on? How come some people are relaxing into deep quiet and relaxation

during the meditation, and I am so uncomfortable?”

The process of the Midline Meditations is to gently and slowly begin to quiet the nervous system, allow the brain and Central Nervous System and The Mind to become a RECEIVER, rather than a TRANSMITTER. This sounds easy, but it is, in fact, an enormous energetic shift in the body.

The mind is hard wired into the nervous system. The mind, with all of its strategies and ‘to-do’ lists, has worked hard to keep us surviving our lives, to get us out of harmful and challenging situations, and activate the “fight/flight/freeze” response to get us to “do something”.

When we settle into these meditations, we are inviting this entire system to come to rest. For some of us, this is an enormous relief, and we feel the fatigue and heaviness in our bodies when we relax, maybe for the first time. The relaxation feels welcome, and pleasurable.

For others, as we quiet down (and the group field amplifies this process) we begin to encounter everything that is NOT stillness. Everything- feelings, body sensations, thoughts, memories, ‘spacing out’, traveling to other galaxies, rather than staying in the body- that has kept us separate from our bodies and our midlines.

The Midline is our direct connection to Source, and Dynamic Stillness is inherent in the Midline. The warm, liquid, radiant, flowing honey of Stillness that is with us from the moment of conception, and is with us until we no longer need our bodies, is available to us at every moment.

As we quiet down in these Midline Meditations in the support and amplification of the group field, this Stillness begins to infuse these separate parts of ourselves (the pain, the thoughts, the disassociation) and merge them back into Oneness in the Midline.

This is a unification that happens energetically, emotionally, mentally, physiologically, spiritually: every aspect of our Being is reintegrated back into wholeness- and we are reconnected to the Source of our lives. The True Source of our lives, which is inside of us, not outside of us.

This is truly a path of Homecoming, reuniting with our Primary Relationship- Source- which is also the Source of our innate Wisdom, Health, Love, Radiance and Presence.

Each time we offer ourselves to this process, no matter what arises during the meditation, if we can simply BE with the process, allowing those separate parts to arise, treat them gently (like a toddler stepping off the sidewalk!) and come back to the infusion of the midline with Stillness.

The group field helps us, like a magnetic field, to stay with the process. And week by week, time by time, we are that much more available to this Homecoming, we then begin to more easily bask in the relief and calm that arises. Our Inner Knowing deepens as we are able to receive the direct, clear messages for us from Source: they are “given” to us in this Stillness.

~ by sandranwheeler on April 13, 2010.

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