The Heart as a Portal of Evolution

Eventually the initiate discovers what all shamans and mystics eventually discover on their path to freedom. They are gently reminded to pay attention to the vicinity around their heart. At first they think it might have something to do with their physical heart and that something might be happening with it, perhaps a heart attack or palpitations or something. Then they realize that, no, it is not the physical heart that they should be interested in but something behind it or in the same vicinity of it that is not physical. They discover the little invisible doorway that has its physical counterpart in the sino atrial node of the heart and they begin to wonder what is behind that door. They begin to work at it and pry at it mentally and what they find is layers of patterns of grief and suffering that throws them into painful states but still they claw at it out of desperation because somehow they know that behind it is something good, very good. Little by little they wade through the patterns of pain forgiving and letting go of resistance. They may abandon their efforts for awhile but then they always return and just when they collapse to the ground exhausted from their efforts (relax and let go) the door cracks open a tiny little bit and shows a glimpse of an incredible world in sharp contrast to the nightmare projected outward by the giant Self Importance mind.

That inner world is extraordinarily beautiful and glows with an incomparable warmth and a brilliant light of home, the home of the Great or Holy Spirit, the indivisible source of the Christ force, the All That Is, the Great Spirit, the Eternal Present, the Tao itself. Once the shaman gets a glimpse of that light, even if for only a fraction of a moment, they can never again be satisfied with anything less and this is what the Self Importance Mind is so afraid of.

For when the heart opens, the giant illusory separated mind ceases to exist and then rather than separation there is only unity. When the heart opens and the person steps through it figuratively, suffering ceases, light radiates, and the world transforms. Yes, there is still a world projected out there and in many respects it looks the same as before but it is totally transformed. It is still a projection of a mind but within it one can see only the reality of Spirit glowing through it, gradually erasing its separations with beauty until it vanishes.

Stepping through the portal of the heart is the shaman’s doorway, the beginning of the end of believing in only one reality, the initiatory step to really walking between the worlds. This is where real freedom begins……

from The Shaman and Self Importance

~ by sandranwheeler on May 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Heart as a Portal of Evolution”

  1. Years ago I found this poem on the back of a greeting card. If we are paying attention to what our next step in evolution might be, all the signs are pointing back to us, back to our heart.

    “Through the doorways
    within the labyrinth of life,
    we protect our broken heart.
    This is the home of transformation
    where healing takes place,
    where we meet our self,
    our strengths and weaknesses,
    where anything is possible.
    This is where we can change our life.
    This is where we set our heart free,
    through the doorways
    within the depths of soul”.

    The Retrieval of Heart
    Denise Kester

  2. In order to understand/assimilate/live with these teachings – I have learned to make beauty with my hands – in the process honoring grief which then becomes beauty to blossom in a time beyond our own. Sandra, Thank you for all the beauty that you make to help this world be less bleak and empty.

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