Surrender and Allowing in Midline Meditation and Life…


Surrender is a beautiful movement in which you gracefully, willingly, languidly fall only to find midway that you have been gathered in to some unimaginable embrace.  Surrender is letting go, whether or not you believe the embrace will occur.  It’s trust to the hundredth power–not sticking to your idea of the outcome, but letting go in the faith that even in the absence of an outcome will be the perfect solution.

Surrender is diaphanous and fluid.  It’s the giving up the rigidity of every kind:  rigidities of the mind that design outcomes to occur in very specific ways;  rigidities of the heart that refuse the heart to be soft and open; rigidities of the body that refuse to receive the touch that could heal, the passion that could transform; rigidities of the soul that congeal and congest the spirit, causing it to imagine it has a life apart from the body and mind.

Surrender is meltdown of every rigidity we’ve ever been committed to, the conscious and unconscious dismantling of how we thought things should be to make way for the way things will, in fact, occur.  It’s kind of being surprised by joy, of happily swimming in to the greater consciousness that’s always operating on our behalf.  Just as a child, learning to swim, discovers, amazed, that the water does hold him up, so surrender buoys us up, supports us for the fulfillment of our destinies.

Surrender requires purity of intention.  In the absolute freedom it grants in response to our letting go, it requires an absolute commitment of holding on to nothing.  Whatever you thought you had–the idea, the expectation, the plan, the hope of how things should be–you must let go of it fully.  Surrender is stepping away from the certainty of your categories in to the no-man’s land of all possibilities.

And it is in this surrendering, in letting go into the void–into the mysterious,  unnamed, mystical formless future;  into the arms that are invisible–that we finally become ready to receive it all.  Surrender is the giving of your all to the All; the waiting with an absolute absence of expectation for the totally perfect thing to occur.

Daphne Rose Kingma

~ by sandranwheeler on November 26, 2010.

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