Wholeness, Awakening and Midline Meditation

In the quiet, nourishing field of a Midline Meditation Gathering- or as you listen to the Meditation on a recording- we begin to bring our awareness from a brain/thought oriented/Central Nervous System activated way of being to a body and heart centered awareness. When we make this important shift in our energetic state, enormous shifts in our physiology begin to unfold. We will discuss more about those in our next posting on “Physiological Benefits of Midline Meditation”.

Our brain centered activity is one of separation, analytical thinking, making distinctions and differences, future planning and reprocessing past events. Many Meditation participants have described this mental process as a “hamster on the wheel” constant state of activity. Rather than focussing our attention on this constant stream of information, we gently bring our focus in this meditation down and into the heart and body, as we access Stillness in the core of our being.

This important traverse in Midline Meditation allows the mind to BE, as it is, without changing it or even witnessing it. We simply move our awareness to a more restful place: the midline of the heart and belly where we finally rest in the inherent Stillness which is always available, every moment of our lives.

This shift from the brain into the heart center is also a profound shift in perception from separation to oneness. In Midline Meditation we actually begin to feel this in our bodies as we move from feeling separate- perhaps injured, tight or sore body parts- to a warm, fluid, connected state of wholeness within our bodymind.

This traverse from brain to heart also brings profound spiritual and energetic shifts in our consciousness, as described in the following article:

When you see behind the illusion of separation and, instead,

connect with the unity of all life, you have awakened.

Human life on Earth was designed to explore the concept of

separation from other people, separation from your environment

and separation from the universe on all levels. This is

achieved by the projection of unified consciousness into an

infinite variety of objects of apparent separation.


When you reach a deep enough meditative state to experience

the oneness that underlies all of reality, then you have

arrived at the main destination of the journey through life on

Earth. Once you experience your unity with the universe and all

that it contains, you realize many things. You realize that you

have always had this connection, that you always will have this

connection, and that nothing can ever take it away.

Awakening brings an aliveness and a great sense of love for

life in all of its forms. Upon awakening, you realize that your

friends are not just people with whom you share a mutual love.

You realize that you and your friends are one, that you share a

common empathy and a mutual kindness, one that knows no

boundaries of self.

You connect with the realization that you are the One that

always was, even before time was created.

Owen Waters




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