Physiological Benefits of Midline Meditation

Midline Meditation brings us ‘down and in’ to our bodies, to rest and widen in a state of ‘neutral’……..

Neutral is a state, or disposition, that occurs after you relax into your body in a receptive quality of equanimity. When your bodily relaxation deepens into stillness it decreases the brain’s vigilance and calms the stress fight or flight reflex. Meanwhile, the separate, non-coherent, disjointed parts of your body will quiet until you sense a seamless, whole body, fluid motion throughout the bodymind that feels as though it is floating in stillness. After you have sufficiently acclimated to your felt-sense of bodymind union, or wholeness, you may sense a healing presence that gently ebbs and flows in graceful, delicate waves that feel like breathing, but it is your whole body that breathes.

This ebb and flow is primary respiration, which transcends, yet synchronizes with the breathing of your lungs such that you feel as if you are breathing as a whole body. You may notice your separate body parts such as bones, tissues, muscles, and organs merge and become one unified sensuous protoplasmic flow. This subtle breathing presence is the ‘wisdom of the body’ that reconnects the parts and unites your bodymind into one whole unit. When you directly contact primary respiration, and you feel your fluid body breathing in this sensuous manner, you may say something like “I feel connected to my body, I am whole, and my heart feels intimately connected to life. I am myself again.”

Physiological Aspects of Neutral:

Resting in neutral quiets the addictive physiological noise of the ego (inner buzz, rapid vibrations, and ‘static’ in the body, and a sense of inner compulsion to ‘do,’ coupled with an inability to be still) that is created by stress. While the stress patterns are settling, your body connects and synchronizes with the ebb and flow of the sensuous motion of primary respiration (PR). PR emanates a resonating field of healthy motion that gently entrains your body’s metabolic fields that are caught up in the stuck patterns of fight or flight. This entrainment gradually unlocks the repeating stress patterns, and rearranges the submicroscopic nutritional substances and returns them to balanced free-flowing homeostasis. Primary respiration changes these metabolic fields, rich in ground substance,* from a stress induced gel, which moves in stuck staccato-like (inertial) patterns  that give us the bodily sense of the buzz, into a free-flowing liquid that accurately reflects the sensuous motion of health. The resulting healthy motion restores the original healthy function, shape, and position to the cells, organs, and structures of your body. This will increase nutritive function, raise energy levels, open blocked acupuncture meridians, promote mental clarity, strengthen immune function, balance the cardiovascular, nerve, and hormone systems, and more importantly, increase the coherent function of your heart.

In the stillness of a neutral, the bodymind (and inertial fulcra) are infused with levity. As these compressed spaces expand, the Neutral frees the spaces to flow with the Health and integration of Primary Respiration. Each ‘liberated’ space then orients/reconnects to the midline (source of PR and stillness) Each individual fulcrum/contracted area that reorients to the midline helps to rebalance the midline. The more the midline is balanced and open, the greater the capacity to distribute even greater potency (flow). As this midline potency builds, it enhances the metabolic fields, which restores vital function to cell membranes. This returns the practitioner’s tissues to their original shape and function.

This is the process of TRANSMUTATION: inertia and static are changed to healthy motion that then creates healthy structure.

The Effect of the Neutral on your Heart Field:

As you bodily relax in neutral, while sensing the fluidic ebb and flow of primary respiration throughout your whole body, it strengthens your heart’s electromagnetic field, which amplifies its ability to maintain bodily coherence. As the strength of the potency of your heart field is restored it reawakens an ancient capacity of your heart as an organ of perception that operates as your body felt sense.

The heart field permeates every cell in the body, as an ever-changing non-linear fractal field that radiates to infinity. The heart’s electromagnetic field is decoded by the body while the heart sends out its messages to the cells, which, in turn,respond to the heart, and then the heart receives the new information from the cells, and adjusts to send out new messages. All this activity maintains a dynamic equilibrium of a self-organized wholeness of life that we call ourselves.

The effects of using Midline Meditation- on your own, or in a group field which enhances the effect- are cumulative and progressive. Each time we relax into a neutral state- and the deeper states of consciousness beyond neutral that are available to us in Midline Meditation- our bodies more easily attain this more open and restful way of being.


~ by sandranwheeler on March 25, 2011.

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