Strengthening and Awakening the Heart…

One of the most powerful and healing practices we can undertake in our lives is to reestablish our hearts as our energetic centers. Midline Meditation  is a potent tool to assist us in this excursion, feeling in our bodies the contrast between a brain-dominant stress response, versus cultivating heart awareness throughout our day.

An excellent resource for understanding heart centered awareness is the book: The Secret Teachings of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature, by Stephen Harrod Buhner. Here is a mini-review written by a practitioner of Midline Meditation……

The electromagnetic field produced by the heart is 5000 times larger than that produced by the brain. Our heart field expands outward in all directions, gathering information, storing emotional memory, perceiving spaces and the other fields we come into contact with.

Our most sensitive scientific instruments detect the human heart field ten feet out from our body. But this measurement only reflects the limitations of these instruments, not the reach of the heart’s electromagnetic field. Like radio waves, the vibrations emitted by our hearts expand out to infinity.

“We are meant to feel the touch of the world upon us,” Harrod writes. By listening deeply to the information perceived by our hearts– by trusting our hearts as powerful organs of perception– we can gain profound insight into ourselves and our fellow beings– humans, animals, and plants alike. (shared by Lucius Wheeler

There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all,

beyond the heavens, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens.

This is the light that shines in our heart.

Chandogya Upanishad


~ by sandranwheeler on May 3, 2011.

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