Stillness is the Way Home

Stillness is the Way Home

Although much is written about stress, today I would like to focus on an antidote.  Let’s call stress the Freeze Response and its variations from micro levels in the cellular structure to macro levels in your physical, emotional and mental bodies.  The Freeze Response is the intense cry from your organism for everything to please JUST SLOW DOWN.  In a word, the system is completely overwhelmed and simply shuts down.  This survival mechanism is called playing ‘dead’ in the hopes that the stressor will go away.  But really, once the system shuts down, what could bring it to life again?  Where is the switch for that?                 

If you understand that stress = contraction/freeze and health = relaxation/flow, then lets choose an image that conveys the answer.  A metaphor I like to use is… just imagine an ice cube set to float in a bowl of water.  Let yourself perceive how those ice crystals dissolve and move into an expanded microscopic flow of joining the water around them, free to move now in any direction… free to respond again to Life.              

Your natural state is a quiet place of letting go of control and surrendering into an open relaxation.  Your natural state is like a column of stillness in the very midline of your body and, paradoxically, where the Breath of Life breathes into that Stillness the forces of creation for your structure and being.  This is the primordial Breath that brings potency, buoyancy, expansion and evolution to every level of your beingness.  This is the Way Home to peace.

Each day cultivate the practice of sitting quietly and ‘backing up’ into your midline, contacting the Stillness, and melting your ice cubes into that pool-like place. Here is your response to any thoughts that arise as you do this:  “Let it be.  Leave it as it is.  I surrender into open relaxation.”  Allow your body to feel and integrate all the sensations that were numbed out by the freeze and become the finely tuned instrument of Life that was intended for your pleasure.


Wren Breedlove, senior instructor with Sandra N. Wheeler

~ by sandranwheeler on June 7, 2011.

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