Next Midline Meditation Gathering: June 16

Midline Meditation Gatherings….

“Enlightenment is in the Body, Right Here and Now”

The Buddha

Cultivating body-centered Stillness

and deep relaxation in a nurturing group field 

Thursday, June 16 (6:45) 7-8:30 pm

Sunday, June 26 (6:15) 6:30-8 pm

Thursday, July 7 (6:45) 7-8:30 pm

We do start on time, so please plan to arrive several minutes early to get settled.
***RSVP no later than 24 hours before each class so space can be created for everyone***  541/343-4415
Everyone is invited to participate.  Please invite your friends, family and community.

Midline Meditation is a guided 30-40 minute body-centered meditation and progressive relaxation experience, with time on your own to rest in quiet at the completion. We will then have the opportunity to share our experiences afterward in the circle (always optional).

What to bring:  Whatever you need to sit comfortably and warm (we have pillows). We will be sitting in straight back chairs. Some participants like to bring a shawl for extra coziness.

Go to our Blog Site for more information and for new postings:

Cost: $10-$20

 “Since noise is increasing in all directions, the psychology of silence has taken on a special meaning. We are already so adapted to an abundance of screeching sound that we are surprised when stillness suddenly envelopes us. Not that this happens very often.

We begin to see that the whole question of our relation to the world , both positive and negative, centers in something like silence.

So our service to the world might be simply to keep a place where there is no noise, where people can be silent  together.”

Thomas Merton  “The Springs Of Contemplation”

If you cannot join us in person, we invite you to sit with us at the same time wherever you may be. Midline Meditation CDs and MP3 direct downloads are available on our blog at :


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