The Restful Sanctuary Within Our Being….


Midline Meditation is a practice which assists us moving from brain dominance to a state of heart dominance: we exchange thinking for sensing and feeling. As we reorient our inner ‘resting place’ from the head to the heart, belly and body- the place  from which we orient our Presence-

            stress and fight/flight/freeze responses ease

            heart -centered consciousness naturally arises

            heart coherence comes back “on line” and choreographs all the systems of our bodymind (see below)

            an innate sense of our wholeness arises, rather than an ego (brain) driven sense of separateness, including our sense of our own bodies

The effects of consistently reorienting our awareness to our midlines, finding a place of rest in our more INNER, heart-centered, feeling centers is cumulative and progressive.

Like training a new ‘muscle’,  our abilities to relax our busy mind/nervous system dominance becomes easier and more instinctual. We are more able to move to this inner awareness throughout our day, in all situations. From this place we find that it is easier to ALLOW life to unfold without needing to “go out” and react/try to change the events and people in our lives.

 We are cultivating a restful sanctuary within ourselves, that strengthens and stabilizes each time we bring our awareness within.

 Over time, we also notice that this stillness and sense of wholeness begins to permeate our entire being. The stillness which we have cultivated within the midline has come to radiate and infuse every cell of our body. As we move through our day and our lives, we literally move into the world as Stillness, radiating this heartcentered Presence into every encounter and environment.

 This radiant Presence is brought into our lives, and through the coherence of our heart fields, we offer the possibility to every other heart field to begin to entrain and awaken. Again, we are not GOING OUT to ‘make something happen’, but are simply cultivating our own inner Stillness/heart coherence and moving into Life as that, embodied.

 Our bodies, then,  literally become agents of transformation through our own willingness to cultivate this within ourselves.


~ by sandranwheeler on July 6, 2011.

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