Heart Inspirations….

The Heart as the Center, and the Portal for the Breath of Life……

Your heart is a multidimensional organ that is central to every aspect of your functioning — physical, psychic, and spiritual. Your heart is not only the organ through which the blood moves; it is a non linear electromagnetic generator that emanates a holographic field that contains the encoded information about how your body is formed, its history, its present function, and its future evolutionary imperative; the heart, as an endocrine gland, releases hormones that regulate bodily function; the heart produces neurotransmitters that synchronize the central, autonomic, and enteric nervous systems, and the heart has its own nervous system — over half of the heart fibers are neural — that interconnects the entire somatic system of your body directly to the brain — both to the newer frontal cortex and the older limbic system.

The heart senses electromagnetic waves that emanate from as far out as infinity, and to as infinitesimal as the molecules comprising each cell in your body, and as such, the heart is an organ of perception that coherently maintains balance both with the universal holographic matrix and within the depths of your personal bodily matrix. The heart receives, processes, and responds to, a complex series of holographic electromagnetic patterns that, as signals, contain encoded information — as hormonal, neurochemical, immune, bioelectric, magnetic, and chemical messages — as well as information about temperature, blood pressure, and blood flow to the brain, and throughout the body as one unit; it monitors and adjusts the status of your body’s physiology and synchronizes it with the environment and with the internal milieu. This includes assisting the passage of red blood cells through the tiny capillaries by decreasing the diameter of the red blood cells, while, at the same time, increasing the diameter of the capillaries in a whole body rhythmic dance that defies understanding.

All of these varied functions of the heart, when combined, strive to maintain coherent function and health, which sets the tone for the way in which you think and how well, and what and how you feel, which cumulatively determines the quality of your consciousness. In short, your heart is an organ of perception that conducts the symphony that is your life.

(from Charles Ridley: Stillness: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness)


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