Midline Inspirations

The midline has been called ‘the lungs of the Breath of Life.’

“The stillness in the midline is the true midline, not the life force field, and certainly not the cellular structures that surround it….The stillness in the midline is a single doorway through which Primary Respiration ignites the fires of life and reestablishes the pattern of the health in the individual…Our own midline is a single branch on the Tree of Life. All of these (branches) are united through the Dynamic Stillness, and informs the design of Life.

The midline emanates a coherent bioelectric field around which structure and function are created. This field of stillness is organized into the forces used for embryonic development. After embryogenesis is complete, the midline’s resonant signals convey the coherent instructions for the maintenance, defense, healing, immunity, and perceptual development of the bodymind.

We need to understand the importance of the midline and its communication. Everything has to communicate with it and everything has to center to it and they have to hear each other and when they hear each other you have health. It’s very, very important.”

James Jealous, D.O. Midline No. 1 (Biodynamics of Osteopathy CD Series)


One Response to “Midline Inspirations”

  1. the midline is the core centre of our selves

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