The Potency of Biodynamic Cranial Work and Midline Meditation

The desired outcome of Midline Meditation and a Biodynamic Cranial session is the complete settling of the Central Nervous System (CNS),  allowing a shift out of stress mode/sympathetic dominance and a return to relaxation and normal physiological function; a state called ‘neutral’.  Cultivation of this Neutral teaches the recipient to manage their states of arousal (fight/flight/freeze) and consciously choose an attitude of calm, centered awareness in facing life’s issues.  Ultimately the reduction of the stress overload leads to optimal functioning and health of the body-mind.

In modern life it seems that “stress mode” has become normalized with the increased busyness and attempts to keep track of information and the constant demands for our attention.   Chronic illness and malaise are the results of our physiological and psychological systems completely overwhelmed by stress hormones.  While everyone seems quite familiar with STRESS, very few people are aware of personal practices that can return the body-mind to optimal state.   In fact, it seems that people can become almost addicted to activity (mental activity included) making it extremely difficult to “do nothing” or be in a treatment where “nothing seems to be going on”.  Consequently, the value of returning to Neutral, and its benefits to our systems, has to be taught.  This is the intention of doing this very quiet work and the paradoxical non-doing attitude required of the practitioner or facilitator.

The teacher/practitioner must embody this state of Neutral in order to entrain the student or client’s system.  Body-feeling awareness then becomes the language for the dialogue about the biodynamic experience.  Thinking is exchanged for Sensing and clients and participants are empowered to take back control of their personal states of being and choice of where their attention goes.  This is the first and most superficial layer of what Midline Meditation and Biodynamic Cranial work have to offer.  Continued involvement with this Midline  Meditation and Biodynamic work shifts the personal awareness into ever more profound states of consciousness and is very much like an ongoing practice of yoga that develops an increased awareness of “innerness”.  This is the balance required for our current culture-induced over-attention to “outerness”.

This is also evolutionary work. Accessing neutral and our midline/heart awareness  provides an open, allowing ‘gateway’ for Dynamic Stillness/Source to infuse the bodymind with direct guidance, wisdom, insight….so that we are being more clearly ‘taught’ directly by Spirit/God/Source. The deeper states of consciousness we cultivate through the continued practice of Midline Meditation and Biodynamic Cranial work assist us in evolving our consciousness. Recipients find that the effects of continued practice are cumulative and progressive, allowing for a more consistent embodiment of compassion, love, patience, calm, presence and connectedness to one’s individual sense of Source.

Cultivation of neutral provides a day by day practice throughout our lives, allowing life to BE AS IT IS, not as a concept, but truly from a nervous system/relaxed/body felt sense even as life continues to bring its challenges.

Each moment we rest in neutral, the CNS relaxes its dominance, the midline stabilizes, and we feel this neutral/midline as truly a place to rest within ourselves. .This is a lifelong practice, and our group field provides the support and enhancement.

For additional information on Midline Meditation and Biodynamic Cranial Touch (BCT):





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