NEW REVISED CLASS OFFERING! Midline Meditation: Resting in Your Inner Stillness

Now a 2-Week Introductory Class :

June 1 and 8,   6-8 pm (arrive 5:45)

$50,  includes Midline Meditation CD

Preregistration is required, as space is limited

This class is designed for all levels of experience

The Midline is our first embryonic structure. Within the midline is a core of Stillness, which is present from the moment of conception, and is radiating throughout our lives.

Every form and function of our being is created upon this inherent stillness.

An open, vibrant midline is essential in creating, repairing and sustaining health on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

The Midline is the portal through which we evolve in consciousness: it is our direct channel to Source. The Breath of Life – the unimpeded flow of Source through the Midline – is the wellspring of our health, inner guidance, intuition and destiny.



– a meditation practice that assists you to feel and rest in the inner Stillness in your midline and body

– how to reduce the stress and brain hyperactivity that depletes our health

-how to recognize the “buzz” of brain hyperactivity and overwhelm in the nervous system

-how to rest back into Stillness in the midst of the inevitable challenges of life

-how the practice of this meditation reorients our system back to wholeness and ease


– the restful depths of your own inner Stillness

– your central nervous system, brain and nervous system become open and receptive

-the resurgence of warmth, relaxation, ease as your awareness rests in the Midline, bringing centeredness and calm


A few spaces are still available. Call 541/343-4415 to reserve your space.

Instructor: Sandra N. Wheeler, LMT #1610 (

Sandra is a gifted healer, mentor and teacher in private practice in Eugene OR, and is committed to the process of wholeness and thriving in our lives. These meditations are an expression of that commitment. She is a Senior Instructor in Biodynamic Cranial Touch. (

For much more information about this meditation, its extensive benefits, & resources on stress,

please go to

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky”  Rumi


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